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At Performax™ we did not invent the garage door opener, we perfected it. Simple, reliable design; heavy-duty, high-quality components; and easy installation are what make Performax™ garage door openers great. A garage door opener is something you depend on every day. For this reason, Performax™ garage door openers have been engineered to operate in all temperatures, from hot summers to extreme winter conditions. The Performax™ smart garage door opener is equipped with a 3/4 Horsepower equivalent DC motor & heavy-duty chain drive. The Performax™ smart garage door opener contains an integrated, motion-activated 3000 lumen (200W) LED security lighting system complete with the beamUP Smart Controller, Wireless Door Sentry, Photo Eyes, 3-Button ClearCom Remote, and multi-function Wall Button. Smart integrations included: The beam Home app works without a subscription for many Smart Home products and services, including works With Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch and IFTTT. The Performax™ smart garage door opener is compatible with all generations of HomeLink as well. (HomeLink is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.)
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Opener includes: 3-Button Remote Control, Multi-Function Wall Button, Smart Garage Door Controller, 2 Optical Safety Sensors 
  • Powerful, 3/4 Hp equivalent DC motor (offers equivalent lifting force of a 3/4 HP motor)
  • Heavy-duty chain drive system. Reduces wear & increases operating performance, even in low temperatures.
  • Motion-Activated LED security lighting 
  • 3000 Lumen LED Light
  • Smart Controller provides WiFi connectivity and integrations (Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assitant, Apple)
  • Wireless Door Sentry contantly monitor the status of garage door. Receives push notifications if it is open/closed.  
  • (1) Digital-boost 3 button remote control. Digital signal boosts & increases the remote range & performance
  • Operate and monitor your opener directly from your smartphone with Beam homp app
  • Real-time allerts and notifications 
  • Auto reverse safety system - Garage door will stop and reverse automattically if optical safety sensor beams are obstructed or pressure is detected.
  • Designed for garage doors up to 18' wide and 7' tall. Optional extension kits (sold separately) is available for 8' and 10' doors.
  • Easy to install and operate 

3-Step, push button programming:

  1. Install the opener. Follow the enclosed installation instructions to easily assemble and install your opener, optical safety sensors and illuminated wall button.
  2. Program the opener. Use the push buttons on the opener to set the opener travel limit, close travel limit and open/close force.
  3. Program the accessories. By using the "learn" button on the opener See owners manual for full details
  4. Download Beam App to finish installation and set-up your controller 

*Before Set-Up: Measure your garage door. This acess system handles doors up to 18ft. wide and 7ft. tall. Optional extension kits (sold separately) are available for taller doors.

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All Performax™ door openers and accessories are compatible with HomeLink* technology *HomeLink and the HomeLink house are registered trademarks of Gentex Corporation.
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Operate and monitor your opener directly from your smartphone with Beam Home App
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